Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New spells and New Worlds!

We now all know about the new world, Celestia, and the new astral schools to come with it (secondary schools). But what if they made all new spells for the already existing schools! I decided to make this a contest to be the featured player, and I will add a list of the most creative creations, and the people that created them and it will never be deleted. so here's what it is: comment on this post on which spell kingsisle should add to existing schools of the spiral. they have to be creatures that show up in myths and the attack or healing they do, has to correspond to what they are. they are spells that go past the level 50 spells like storm lord or dragon, even more powerful, and more like the school they are spells of. i have ideas that i will tell everyone on this post if they are not already named. who knows? kingsisle just might add these new spells! not likely, but stick with the idea.


  1. Are you asking how I made the picture or how I put it on? Just be a little more spespific and I'll tell you.
    And second, go to, make an account, search the songs and add them to the playlist, then click "Share my playlist" at the top, select the playlist you want, (If you've created more then one) customize it how you like, click "Get Code", copy it, then go to "Layout", then click "Add a Gadget", select "Html/JavaScript", then copy the text. Then save and stuff.

    Hoped that helped!

  2. how you made the picture, and thanks for the help!