Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What Else Could Be In Store?

In the new planting, you cast a spell at your house and it looks just as cool as one of the spells. What else could we get from KingsIsle? We just got interactive housing in the epic cards from Gamestop. (the mini game castle item) Could we have full-sized creatures roaming our houses like the Treants in the life house? (except they stay in one spot. currently) Maybe Wyverns in the ice house? Things like that. It's been two years and we have six worlds. How many could we have in one more? Wizard101 is going to get way more interactive if KI keeps going at it like this. But thy are also making a new game. Just go to their website. It shows Wizard101, and another that says "coming soon" (or something like that). What could there be in that game? (assuming it really is a game) Just an idea!

Happy Thanksgiving!

New Major Update!

Along with all the updates that have been going on, another one has come just as fast. Planting! It hasn't come out just yet, but it is in the test realm. it is going on and off though every once and a while so you might not get on sometimes. And also look for the new Celestia housing vendors! They came faster then the Grizzleheim ones luckily.

Planting allows yo to make a plot in your castle or dorm and plant seeds that you can harvest. they harvest like pets level up. from seed, to mature, and if your lucky enough, you'll get an epic plant after mature! so it's like a mix of pets and reagents. this is only for wizards level 12 and up. Moolinda Wu will call you to hr office and introduce you to a mole in Golem Court, who teaches you how to plant. he will teach you spells that you use to make plots, water your plants, give them sunshine, remove pests, and even play them music.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Celestia in Live Realm!

Celestia has come on the live realm, (I know I'm late) with all new spells, armor, and creatures. The level cap has been increased to 60, with the new spells coming in at level 58, including: Skeletal Dragon (Death), Ra (Balance), Efreet (Fire), Snow Angel (Ice), Forest Lord (Life), Medusa (Myth), and Leviathan (Storm).

A little hint when you get into Celestia if you haven't already, watch the boss' moves, and what they say before, or during, the battle. They stop the round after your attack and attack someone. different bosses have different spells though. so watch what they do.

If you may have noticed, there have been necklaces that give other school's level 48 spells. that is kind off weird because KingsIsle said that you can't trade the level 48 treasure cards, because each school is unique. And now they give them away? I'm not complaining though. They are awesome!

Cool huh? Already have the Fire Dragon and Scarecrow.

Was this post good enough for those of you who saw the last one?

Have a great Thanksgiving!