Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Major Update!

Along with all the updates that have been going on, another one has come just as fast. Planting! It hasn't come out just yet, but it is in the test realm. it is going on and off though every once and a while so you might not get on sometimes. And also look for the new Celestia housing vendors! They came faster then the Grizzleheim ones luckily.

Planting allows yo to make a plot in your castle or dorm and plant seeds that you can harvest. they harvest like pets level up. from seed, to mature, and if your lucky enough, you'll get an epic plant after mature! so it's like a mix of pets and reagents. this is only for wizards level 12 and up. Moolinda Wu will call you to hr office and introduce you to a mole in Golem Court, who teaches you how to plant. he will teach you spells that you use to make plots, water your plants, give them sunshine, remove pests, and even play them music.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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