Friday, December 10, 2010

Test Realm Closed

The test realm has now closed and gardening has come to the live realm. Level up your gardening skills by using spells to grow plants from seeds, to mature plants. (and elder if your lucky) Moolinda Wu will call you into her office to tell you about a new activity for students level 12 and up.
     She will send you to Farley, a new character in the game, who will teach you the basics of gardening. He will teach you about the growth of a plant: seed-young-mature-elder. But if you don't take care of your plant it will die.
      To use planting spells, it takes up your Pet Energy. There are tons of different plants to choose from including Dande-Lion, to Snap-Dragon. Each plant will give different rewards based on what it's like. for example, if you harvest a Dandelion, you will get a bit of gold and a cat-tail reagent. There is a mole like Farley in each world, each with different planting spells and plants.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What Else Could Be In Store?

In the new planting, you cast a spell at your house and it looks just as cool as one of the spells. What else could we get from KingsIsle? We just got interactive housing in the epic cards from Gamestop. (the mini game castle item) Could we have full-sized creatures roaming our houses like the Treants in the life house? (except they stay in one spot. currently) Maybe Wyverns in the ice house? Things like that. It's been two years and we have six worlds. How many could we have in one more? Wizard101 is going to get way more interactive if KI keeps going at it like this. But thy are also making a new game. Just go to their website. It shows Wizard101, and another that says "coming soon" (or something like that). What could there be in that game? (assuming it really is a game) Just an idea!

Happy Thanksgiving!

New Major Update!

Along with all the updates that have been going on, another one has come just as fast. Planting! It hasn't come out just yet, but it is in the test realm. it is going on and off though every once and a while so you might not get on sometimes. And also look for the new Celestia housing vendors! They came faster then the Grizzleheim ones luckily.

Planting allows yo to make a plot in your castle or dorm and plant seeds that you can harvest. they harvest like pets level up. from seed, to mature, and if your lucky enough, you'll get an epic plant after mature! so it's like a mix of pets and reagents. this is only for wizards level 12 and up. Moolinda Wu will call you to hr office and introduce you to a mole in Golem Court, who teaches you how to plant. he will teach you spells that you use to make plots, water your plants, give them sunshine, remove pests, and even play them music.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Celestia in Live Realm!

Celestia has come on the live realm, (I know I'm late) with all new spells, armor, and creatures. The level cap has been increased to 60, with the new spells coming in at level 58, including: Skeletal Dragon (Death), Ra (Balance), Efreet (Fire), Snow Angel (Ice), Forest Lord (Life), Medusa (Myth), and Leviathan (Storm).

A little hint when you get into Celestia if you haven't already, watch the boss' moves, and what they say before, or during, the battle. They stop the round after your attack and attack someone. different bosses have different spells though. so watch what they do.

If you may have noticed, there have been necklaces that give other school's level 48 spells. that is kind off weird because KingsIsle said that you can't trade the level 48 treasure cards, because each school is unique. And now they give them away? I'm not complaining though. They are awesome!

Cool huh? Already have the Fire Dragon and Scarecrow.

Was this post good enough for those of you who saw the last one?

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Test Realm Open For CELESTIA!!!

Celestia is open at last in the test realm and Hallowe'en has come too! I don't really have any info on Celestia right now because I'm not a subscriber so i can't get in. But i do know about the new schools!

The school of sun magic is mainly about enchantments. Enchantments we are most familiar with are probably ones that enhance strength, but the ones in the sun school have enchantments that boost strength and accuracy, but also mutates. these mutates are like the ones you see enemies using. For example, many use Ice Kraken or Fire Kraken, Ice Shark and Fire Shark. You can use these now too. unlike the ones we have now, these enchantments don't give you the treasure cards, they will change back to their normal card. these enchantments cannot be use on rank 0 or X cards. so no using it on the Judgement card.

The moon school is just as good. The moon school is all about polymorphing. The spells you get from the moon school will let you change your partners or yourself into something else. for example, you can change someone who is life to a creature with more strength spells like a draconian. or someone in storm into a creature with more accuracy. polymorphing will change the wizard's appearance, health, school, deck, weakness, strength, and everything else. polymorphs run out after a few rounds, after that you will revert back to normal.

Star magic is about a new thing called auras. auras will surround and protect or strengthen a wizard. auras do many different things and can even convert incoming spells to pips for you, but auras will run out just like the polymorphs. auras are also only able to be cast on yourself.
some of the different auras are:
Aura of Fortification (Blue) - Grants the player 15% resistance to all attacks.
Aura of Amplification (Red) - Grants the player 15% bonus to outgoing damage
Aura of Precision (Green) - Grants the player 10% bonus to accuracy
Aura of Conviction (Yellow) - Grants the player 90% resistance to stuns and 2% block chance
Aura of Empowerment (Purple) Grants the player an extra pip every time a rank 4 or higher spell is used on him/her
Aura of Vengeance (Orange) Grants the player a 20% boost to their critical hit chance

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Check out This Book!

I just thought I might tell you wizards about one of the awesome new series of books to come out that some of you may already know of. Leven Thumps an the Gateway to Foo is an amazing book! it has action, adventure, mystery, and allot more!

That's the first book in the series.

It is a good book to read if you like Wizard101, because Leven who is a 14 year old boy who is an orphan that is being taken "care" of by his half aunt, Addy, and her husband, terry. He soon meets Clover, a sycophant, from Foo and ends up meeting Winter, a 13 year old girl with the ability to freeze anything. They travel from Leven's hometown Burnt Culvert Nevada, all the way to Germany and meet another being from Foo. Geth... the toothpick. That's all I'm gonna say about it, if you want to learn more go read the books. I just got done with the fourth. it was AWESOME

And I made a Pokemon card for Ambrose:

It's gonna be a new Pokemon style Wizard101 card game I'm trying to make. If you want to play it's gonna be a while to make the rules and so far I only have 4 cards which are: Ambrose (Above picture), Lydia Greyrose, Black Cat, and everybody's favorite little guy, piggle.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Page

You might have noticed that under the titles and description, it says Home, and Houses and Housing. If you click on Houses and Housing, an empty page will come up. I need your help with getting a list of: where, the cost, who drops, and whatever other info you can get about housing items in Wizard101. E-mail or comment on this post to contribute.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Selena Gomez Quest Now Live!

The Selena Gomez quest is now in the live game so for all wizards level 6 and up, Halston Balestrom will call you into the storm school for the new quest. It is really cool being able to swim with your pet and even some of the mounts swim too! Plus the Shark mount is out for 15000 crowns. And I was wrong in the last post Selena is actually not a wizard. But she has a big dance number with little crabs! It was also really cool with her new music in it too!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Check ot the new character in the game! Selena Gomez needs your help. Soon, Halston Balestrom will have a quest for you for everyone level 6 or higher. Also, check out for a contest to win a poster signed my Selena! Plus, check out this picture of her in her Wizard101 outfit:

Nice huh? But look at the belt. A moon! So Selena must be in the new Celestian moon school!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wizard101's Birthday!!!

Today is Wizard101's second birthday today! Happy birthday Wizard101 and congrats for 2 years staight! And all of you players get a couple gifts. after you log into the game, look for the Gift symbol. From the feedback on Facebook, Dalea Falmea helped get 2 new transformations, Ninja Pig, and Treant.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Even More New Things!!!

There has been another update but not to the blog, but a new wizard101 podcast! me and my friend, Destiny Shadowhunter, have made the new Wiztalk. we have chat room, and live video. come check it out at We have no videos up yet but will soon!

Monday, August 9, 2010


KingsIsle is testing something new with how fast everybody can log on. So normally, when it takes a really long time to load beause there are so many people in the game, this will make it so it will go faster. And it is Wizard101 Central's 2nd birthday, so check out the contest they have over there too!
I'm finally back from a trip to DisneyWorld! It was a crazy trip with my family across the country and back. And it's a little late but I got this picture of a new Mount/Pet/Enemy we will come across in celestia!

On the top shark, you see that it has what looks like battle armor and a seat so it must be something like the Happy Squid. It's gonna be fun jetting through the water on one of these bug guys.

on the bottom left, you can see that it says PET VERSION, the spiked coller fits him nicely. It goes very well with the razor sharp teeth.

And the last one, bottom right, doesn't have any armor or coller so he must be one of the ones we fight, so that means we will either be underwater fighting them, or they will be floating mid-air.

Check it out! I finally got the keys to DS and i'm now starting to get up in the higher levels!

^^^This is also how my best friend Dakota Ironsword got detention. ^^^

Monday, July 5, 2010

More Pictures of Celestia!

Here are the pictures I have of celestia mentioned in the last post!

Don't think that this is a sun school teacher, because it isn't. it is actually the Sun Boss. Gonna be interesting to fight this one. it sort of resembles Dalmea Falmea, the frie teacher in ravenwood.

I don't know if these guys will be roaming the road or are with the big bad bug bosses. this one is sort of like an ant unlike the boss, which has wings. and also notice the runic symbols on the black part of his robes. If you'r trying to pass by these guys, be careful, they can see a lot with their big eyes!

And last but not least, the Two Towers. This is probably going to be in an instance (a.k.a. dungeon). Maybe where that bug boss is waiting for you!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Celestia Pictures!

Hello wizards! check out these awesome new pics of celestia!

The boss shadow weaver! don't look forward to fighting him! actually i do.

Cool! new Happy Squid mounts! can't wait to ride one of those big guys!

A platypus leader or cheif? looks like a funny little fellow doesn't he?

You've fought malistaire and defeated him. Meet the Spiral's newest threat, Morganth!

Alien sort of thing here, is the Moon school boss! I will post pictures in a week or two, of the Sun school boss, (which greatly resembles fire) and also of The Two Towers in Celestia!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Test realm OPEN AT LAST!

After all this waiting it finally pays off! for subscribers, and wizards who have purchased crowns in the last 30 days, can go into the test realm. when you get in, look for: the new GH house you can craft, the quest nthat halestrom balestrom gives you, (only if you have finished the quest: the final countdown in DS) and also, how do you guys like the new blog look? also, look at the bottom of your screen. no dont scroll down just look at the bottom of the screen. click the button that says: talk to other wizards! to enter the blog chat room. it is all safe, but make sure to use your wizard's name and do not reveal any personal information.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New spells and New Worlds!

We now all know about the new world, Celestia, and the new astral schools to come with it (secondary schools). But what if they made all new spells for the already existing schools! I decided to make this a contest to be the featured player, and I will add a list of the most creative creations, and the people that created them and it will never be deleted. so here's what it is: comment on this post on which spell kingsisle should add to existing schools of the spiral. they have to be creatures that show up in myths and the attack or healing they do, has to correspond to what they are. they are spells that go past the level 50 spells like storm lord or dragon, even more powerful, and more like the school they are spells of. i have ideas that i will tell everyone on this post if they are not already named. who knows? kingsisle just might add these new spells! not likely, but stick with the idea.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

page update

i just added some more fun to the page! scroll all the way to the bottom, and help feed the fish! put in comments if anyone wants different colors. also hurry to the poll on the side of the page! there are only 2 days left to vote!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


it's the new world coming to the spiral the atlantis-like place! CELESTIA!!! many things to come from this new world like mixed pets, pet races, new housing,(maybe even grizzleheim housing!) and much more!

Put a request in the comments if you want to be the featured player!