Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Celestia Pictures!

Hello wizards! check out these awesome new pics of celestia!

The boss shadow weaver! don't look forward to fighting him! actually i do.

Cool! new Happy Squid mounts! can't wait to ride one of those big guys!

A platypus leader or cheif? looks like a funny little fellow doesn't he?

You've fought malistaire and defeated him. Meet the Spiral's newest threat, Morganth!

Alien sort of thing here, is the Moon school boss! I will post pictures in a week or two, of the Sun school boss, (which greatly resembles fire) and also of The Two Towers in Celestia!


  1. Morganth would be more of the Umbra Queen, don't you think? and love the pic of the moon profess and squid mounts.

  2. morganth is her name but thats her label and the moon guy, isn't a professor. he is the moon boss that you fight. but he is cool isn't he.

  3. The spider lady looks more like someone we know and love who said they'd return.......Yeva Spiderkeeper!