Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm finally back from a trip to DisneyWorld! It was a crazy trip with my family across the country and back. And it's a little late but I got this picture of a new Mount/Pet/Enemy we will come across in celestia!

On the top shark, you see that it has what looks like battle armor and a seat so it must be something like the Happy Squid. It's gonna be fun jetting through the water on one of these bug guys.

on the bottom left, you can see that it says PET VERSION, the spiked coller fits him nicely. It goes very well with the razor sharp teeth.

And the last one, bottom right, doesn't have any armor or coller so he must be one of the ones we fight, so that means we will either be underwater fighting them, or they will be floating mid-air.

Check it out! I finally got the keys to DS and i'm now starting to get up in the higher levels!

^^^This is also how my best friend Dakota Ironsword got detention. ^^^

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