Monday, January 31, 2011

Test Realm Open!

The test realm is open for tons of updates! The most exciting is new Celestia housing! Like the Grizzleheim houses, one will be open for crowns or gold in the crowns shop, and the other will be a hard crafting item. The one in the crowns shop is a cool looking house based off of the Floating Land:
Nice place isn't it?
The crafting house is completely EPIC! A Celestian Observatory! floating in space with a pvp circle in the middle of the front "yard."
Totally awesome! Looks like that planet on the right might be Celestia?
There have been a bunch of other updates to gardening, worlds, etc. but I thought the Celestian housing was the best yet. I don't have much information on anything else because I've been unable to get into the test realm. But I'll get more info soon. I bet that Observatory is going to be a real challenge to craft. The Grizzleheim one took quite a while to build.

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